translation services
Business Translation Services
Our professional translators help your
business break the language barrier.
translation services
Accurate translations protect your reputation
Cheap or automated translations can lose you money and credibility of your company by causing catastrophic misinterpretation.
translation services
Time is money and speed of the essence
Blue South understands that translating documents is often the last task on the list, so we can deliver the tight turnaround required.
translation services
Translation in location
All of our translators are based in their own country and breathe the language and culture of their particular country or region.

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Professional Translation Services

No matter what it is you’re translating, our translators have the experience needed to ensure accurate translation of your work.

Get your New Zealand or Australian marketing content, software, product manuals and more, translated by professional translators and build your business worldwide.

Translating Any Language To and From English Worldwide

By working with translators from around the globe Blue South is able to provide you with with accurate translation services for almost any language. The languages we most commonly translate include:

  • English Translation
  • Spanish Translation
  • Chinese Translation
  • French Translation
  • Japanese Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Russian Translation
  • German Translation
  • Italian Translation
  • Portuguese Translation
  • Hindi Translation
  • Arabic Translation
Quality Assured Translation (QAT) services

Translate product guides,
manuals and more.

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Translate All Languages, Medical Translations, Mining Translations, Software Localisation

Translate computer
programmes and

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Interpreters & Translators in Ashburton Selwyn and Christchurch nz

Localise your website content
and reap the rewards.

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Reliable quality and delivery, well-researched translations in nz
Marketing / General

From brochures to letters,
get any form of business
document translated.

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New Zealand Translation Centre is the leading translation company in NZ

Get your translated content
back in a professional
document that matches your
original formatting.

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real human translation services Auckland Wellington Christchurch Dunedin and Invercargill nz

Accurately translated by
qualified native speakers

fast turnaround nz certified language translations

Quotes within 2 business hours
& Accurate Timeframes
To complete work

best translation pricing in Christchurch, Canterbury nz we even service Australia

Tailored pricing options
to suit your needs

maintain formats translation services for designers and ad agencies
Maintain Format
and Layout

We can work with any file
format – what you send us
is what you get back

Quality Translation Every Time

Free Quotes, Fastest Translation Service, Accurate translations
Get a quote

Just fill in the form and we’ll be back to you within 2 business hours with the price & time required

nz translation services right here in Christchurch nz
Accept the quote

Then we find a relevant translator from our worldwide network of translators

Faster more accurate language translations for business marketing collateral in nz
Quality Assurance

The translator and our in-house QA Team work together to ensure accurate translation.

the best value for money accurate translations time saving translation services in nz Australia and nz
Layout Check

Once the words are translated, we ensure all the layouts and formatting are still correct.

experienced accurate translations time saving translation services in nz Auckland New Zealand
Send Final Copy

In the same file format, accurately translated into the language you need.

accurate translations time saving translation services in nz Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand

Accurate translations save businesses money in the long run

Cheap or automated translations result in problems that can lose money and credibility for your company.

Accurate translations reduce the risk of misinterpretation, incorrect assembly or installation and less reliance on customer support teams.

time saving translation services in nz New Zealand

Translating documents is often left to the last minute

Because of this translation is usually the last task to complete before your product ships, so turnaround time is tight.

We let you know at the very start how long it will take to have your job completed. Then we stick to this timeframe so that you meet your deadlines.

We Are Qualified

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