Computer-automated language translation, can have some strange results.


How we do website translation…

With our vast experience with website translation, we can advise you on the writing and design of multi-lingual sites.

As an integral part of translating text for websites, we will work with your web designers to either put the text directly into the site or to supply the required format. For example, we can work with .html files, translating only the visible text. Alternatively, for sites with a content management system, we can input the text directly onto the site template.
In both cases, the site will be checked by the original translator before going live.

Translating a website is only the first step – as with all sites, if you require good search engine rankings, the site will need to be optimised. We can facilitate the international optimisation and promotion of the translated site across a wide range of languages and markets.

How do I get started?

To discuss your translation requirements contact us today.