We’re continually assessing and recruiting new translators, so even if the language you need isn’t currently available, we will still be able to help.


It’s what what we do…

At Blue South we offer a solution to every business translation need. Our service covers every type of business translation, from simple plain text documents to complex, large scale, multi-lingual projects, encompassing anything from user guides and installation manuals, safety instructions, marketing material, legal documents, software, websites, and much more.

Blue South provides Translation, Localisation and Typesetting for our clients who are leading companies in their respective industries such as exporting, manufacturing, electronics, GPS, ICT, mining/oil/gas and tourism, throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We do this with the aid of our experienced translators living around the world, coming from many different backgrounds, and having vast knowledge of their culture and our clients particular industries.

Contact us to discuss the translation solution that best suits your needs.