Language translation technology, software and design skills for Australia and New Zealand.


Design and typesetting support for your promotional translation…

Blue South has the technology, software and design skills to provide a complete translation service that protects the integrity of your brand, design and layout and can provide the artwork ready for your promotional print and marketing collateral.

Historically, the importing of new words has been a time-consuming and costly process involving checking, correcting, re-checking to identify potential new errors. Our translation memory software enables us to save you significant time and money, while reducing human errors and typos.

We extract text directly from most InDesign and Framemaker artwork in a format which preserves the formatting data. After the translation, we can re-import the translated text into the artwork and it will automatically adopt the format of the original. If the new language requires a different amount of space, our designers will tweak the artwork to protect the integrity of the translation and your design. Naturally, the artwork will still be proof read by the original translator but the whole process has proven to be much faster. Typesetting has never been so easy! Contact us today for a free quote.