Our professional translation service for any language, is more accurate and nuanced for text, websites, documents and more.


Translate any language…

Our translation service professionals number around 75 languages (in their own country).

All of our translators are based in their own country and breathe the language and culture of their particular country or region and are up to date with the latest trends and nuances in their local languages.

Blue South Translation services will assign you a topic targeted professional translator who understand your specific business and project, and can provide the specialized terminology or jargon. Each translator is a specialist in their subject area such as medical, technical electronic, technical mechanical, technical GPS, copywriting etc.

One language can differ between countries and regions, but our team will help you to find the perfect local variety, complexity level and preferred alphabet or characters in any language to guarantee the easiest use by the intended audience.

Do you require a set of six different documents to be translated into 15 languages? Maybe each file for translation contains slight variations? Perhaps they all require typesetting? Or how about 150,000 words into eight languages, comprising software strings; help files and other documentation, again, with differing source material for each language? Such projects are typical of our everyday business translations at Blue South.

Our translation service, no matter how big or complex the project, our project management procedures can handle it.

What does a Translator in Location mean for you?

With business translation, it is vital that the correct style is used to ensure the translation is received as the client intended. Only by using translators who live in the country of their mother tongue, and are immersed in the culture of the target language can we ensure the end result has exactly the right style and tone to meet the client’s objectives.

  • Maintaining language skills: when translators live outside the country of their mother tongue they are in danger of losing some of their native language ability. They are no longer immersed in the target language and, due to everyday use of another language with different grammatical structures, translation quality can suffer.
  • Accurate use of evolving words and expressions: every language is subtly and continuously evolving. Our translators are living within this evolution and are sensitive to the changes applicable to particular target audiences or particular business sectors.
  • Non-linguistic issues: our translators will identify product names that could have unwanted associations, figures, icons, characters, logos, symbols or even colours that may have a different meaning in the national or cultural environment of your target group.

We only use the best translators for our translation service

Translation is a profession in its own right. In addition to a degree or post graduate degree in translation, translators need a broad set of skills – from the obvious linguistic ability, to the ability to cope with a wide range of software applications and most importantly, being a good business partner.

Less than one in ten of the professional translators who start the screening and evaluation process become a Blue South approved translator. Our screening areas focus on:

  • Experience/qualification in translation
  • Professionalism
  • Linguistic skills
  • Linguistic qualifications
  • Specialist areas
  • Work and qualifications in areas outside of linguistics to back up their area of speciality

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